Diverbike Marlin X2 metal detector
Diverbike  metal detector Diverbike Marlin X metal detector
Made in Germany

The ultimate treasure hunter metal

detector equipment

New 2015

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the cutting edge, full depreciation, immediate

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Diverbike Maribus X4 metal detector


  AKJK Yacht Lift Center manufactures the DiverBike for the professional Diver. DiverBikes are our business and we are proud to support professional divers all around the world. The DiverBike is made in Germany for personal, professional and hobby use.
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  Professional Diverbike and Sea scooter
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The new  Diverbike X2 & X4
Speed has a name: Maribus X4 and Marlin X4 !    New generation DIVERBIKES is a superior DPV to the market that is easily accessible to anyone who sees diving as a passion and divers seeking new thrills underwater. The top-of-the- line Marlin X4  features a 5- stage seal waterproof integrity.  Save air and spend more time exploring new dive sites, reefs and wrecks.   More videos you can find here
Now available, construct your own Diverbike! We now ship the complete unit as a "Do-It-Yourself Kit"  lowering the cost of the unit! With this new kit, SAVE  BIG  on shipping by assembling the Diverbike yourself!!!!
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